The Naval Architect's Toolbox for the Preliminary Design is an online service that will offer a range of tools for naval architects. It is currently work in progress, and each week/month new tools and features are going to be added. Since there are various tools for the basic ship/boat design, this system-agnostic toolbox can offer hydrostatic and hydrodynamic calculation tools for those designs. If there is interest, we can also compile the tools into offline plug-ins for popular hull design software. Please contact us for any enquieries.


Some calculations execute on user's computer, and some execute on the server. The execution is available for all recent web browsers (i.e. from 2017).

Your browser can execute the tools.


Resistance of displacement ships
The initial version of the resistance calculator is now added to the website. The calculator is applicable for most types
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Website up & running
The website is being set-up as a skeleton for adding various content, i.e. the website will provide easy, quick and
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