Trim & sinkage solver

This is a major update that includes:

  • Trim and sinkage solver
  • Transom effect on a) wave-making b) viscous pressure resistance

The trim and sinkage solver separately assumes the pressure distribution from wave-making and local flow. At the moment, local flow is approximated based on this, which is crude, but still okay for an approximate guess for (semi-)displacement ships. The method that includes transom effects on wave-making is a novelty, more info soon.

This is a development version, please keep that in mind, and expect more updates soon! At the moment there are > 80 active users that occasionally do calculations. Thanks to those that gave me feedback!

If one looks at e.g. the Wide-light validation example, the trendline of trim and sinkage is nicely predicted. So reaching Froude numbers 1.0 is now not a problem, along with including an immersed transom on higher speeds, which significantly affects wave-making. Furthermore, this hull form is far from slender forms, it's a huge improvement that the modified thin-ship theory can handle it.

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