Nov 23 2020
  • Fixed bugs introduced by the server update
  • Added Delft-382 hull as validation case
  • Improved trim and sinkage motion solver
Nov 8 2019
  • Added Gawn series to the propeller open water calculator
Oct 31 2019
  • Implemented a trim & sinkage motion solver for the resistance calculator
  • Including immersed transom effect on viscous resistance and wave-making
May 9 2019
  • Added a surface-piercing propeller (SPP) calculator
Apr 17 2019
  • Added a Wageningen B-series calculator
Apr 2 2019
  • Fixed the calculation of shoulder arcs, problematic drafts and main section areas
Mar 22 2019
  • Improved the implementation of effects of boundary layer and wake on the wave resistance.
  • Initial implementation that handles wave resistance demihulls.
  • Added new validation cases: Wide-light yacht, Delft-382, Wigley and Series-60 catamarans.
  • Numerical calculation of viscous pressure resistance for both mono and demihulls is reverted to Holtrop's method, since it wasn't accurate and stable enough.
Oct 9 2018
  • Viscous pressure resistance is now calculated numerically instead of empirically.
Sep 20 2018
  • Added initial version of the resistance calculators for displacement ships: modified Michell theory and Holtrop's method.
  • Added validation cases: Wigley, Series-60, KCS, DTMB.