Automatic mesher for thin-shell structures in Rhino

With click of a button you get nicely meshed and properly connected thin structures, ready for FEM analysis.


  • Optimal triangular meshing of surfaces, better than Rhino's algorithms
  • Uniform size remeshing of meshes
  • Automatic stitching of gaps between edges of surfaces and meshes
  • Resolving intersections and stitching that allows gaps between perpendicular surfaces
  • Automatic resolving of complex intersections between meshes
  • Optimization and simplification of non-manifold edges after resolution of intersections

Future features

  • Adaptive-size meshing and remeshing
  • Automatic cleaning of small parts (e.g. artifacts after intersection)
  • Optimization of triangles quality
  • Re-checking if holes occured to be filled
  • Automatic cleaning of defective triangles
  • Interactive remeshing of specific parts
  • Quadragulation to obtain pure-quad or quad-dominant meshes



Enter MeshellAuto into the command line. Manipulate the following options:

  • Remesh = whether to use uniform remeshing techniques (On), or use default Rhino meshing techniques (Off)
  • BaseSize = how large should cells be
  • GapsTol = maximum tolerance for stitching gaps between objects
  • IntersectTol = maximum tolerance for intersection algorithms for non-manifolds

After preparing the options, simply select bunch of surfaces and/or meshes to be remeshed and merged.