Hull particulars and coefficientsDone
Trim and sinkage equilibrium solverTesting
STL file loader
IGES file loader
Save and transfer results from one solver to another
Rhinoceros 6 plug-inWIP


Holtrop-Mennen's method [~]Done
Solution to original linear wave-making theory for monohulls [~]Done
Tuck's extension of wave-making to catamarans [~]Done
Yeung's extension of wave-making to multi-hulls [~]
Viscous effects in wave-making [under review]Done
Extend wake-making theory to arbitrary hull forms [under review]Done
Transom effects on wave making [~] & [¬]WIP
Transom viscous-pressure resistanceDone
Curvature and cross-flow effects in wave-making
Try the approximate viscous-pressure resistance [~]Done
Empirical viscous-pressure resistance [~]Done
Dynamic change in trim and sinkage by equilibrium solver [~]Testing
Heeled condition prediction
Transition to planing regime
Empirical planing resistance by Morabito [~]
Numerical planing lift and resistance by integral boundary layerWIP
Resistance minimization by control points in Rhino
Resistance minimization by FFD
Air and appendages resistance


Wageningen B-seriesDone
Surface-piercing seriesDone
Gawn seriesWIP
KCA series
Predict the amount of cavitation and loss of thrust
Empirical wake and thrust deduction
Numerical wake and thrust deduction calculation
Optimize the propeller for a known engineWIP
Optimize the propeller and decide on the engine

Seakeeping & maneuvering

Linear motions of a displacement vessel in waves
Unsteady motions of a planing vessel in waves
Maneuvering simulations
Dynamic instability prediction for planing vessels


Forces on sails
Forces and equilibrium solver