Hull particulars and coefficientsDone
Trim and sinkage equilibrium solverWIP
STL file loader
IGES file loader
Save and transfer results from one solver to another
Rhinoceros 6 plug-inWIP


Holtrop-Mennen's method [~]Done
Solution to original linear wave-making theory for monohulls [~]Done
Tuck's extension of wave-making to catamarans [~]Done
Yeung's extension of wave-making to multi-hulls [~]
Viscous effects in wave-making [under review]Done
Extend wake-making theory to arbitrary hull forms [under review]Done
Transom effects on wave making [~] & [¬]WIP
Transom viscous-pressure resistanceDone
Curvature and cross-flow effects in wave-making
Try the approximate viscous-pressure resistance [~]Done
Empirical viscous-pressure resistance [~]Done
Dynamic change in trim and sinkage by equilibrium solver [~]WIP
Heeled condition prediction
Transition to planing regime
Empirical planing resistance by Savitsky
Numerical planing resistance
Resistance minimization by control points in Rhino
Resistance minimization by FFD
Air and appendages resistance


Wageningen B-seriesDone
Gawn seriesWIP
KCA seriesWIP
Predict the amount of cavitation and loss of thrust
Empirical wake and thrust deduction
Numerical wake and thrust deduction calculation
Optimize the propeller for a known engineWIP
Optimize the propeller and decide on the engine

Seakeeping & maneuvering

Linear motions of a displacement vessel in waves
Unsteady motions of a planing vessel in waves
Maneuvering simulations
Dynamic instability prediction for planing vessels


Forces on sails
Forces and equilibrium solver